What to see around Toronto during a weekend road trip ?

Toronto landscape

Toronto is a perfect place to take a road trip for the weekend. There are endless things to see and do, including amazing family attractions and unusual markets and shops that offer something for everyone. After you spend a weekend in Toronto, without a doubt, you’ll want to go back again and again!

The CN Tower & EdgeWalk is a must-see Toronto at traction. It’s the tallest free-standing structure in the western half of the earth. It is home to the thrilling EdgeWalk, which entails an electrifying hands-free walk on an outer ledge of the tower. For those who love animals, the Toronto Zoo has over 5,000 animals, as well as giant pandas, polar bears and gorillas.

Toronto landscape

Canada’s Wonderland is a spectacular family amusement park that features over 200 topnotch attractions, including 69 exhilara...

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Do you need a recruitment agency to hire new employees in your car dealership?

man in a dealership car

The situation in your car dealership can help to determine if you need to use a recruitment agency to hire new employees. You do not technically need a recruitment agency although they can make a difference if you are having difficulty filling a position. Your exact situation should determine whether you do or do not need to use a recruitment agency.

man in a dealership car

You Have Limited Time and Resources

You will want to consider calling an agency if you have limited time and resources. This is common since car dealerships can be hectic working environments especially when there are not enough employees. With a recruitment agency Toronto business owners do not have to monitor the entire hiring process. Initial interviews, reference checks and other tasks are performed by recruiters instead...

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Top 5 trucks you can rent to haul your appliances

truck transporting furniture

Like moving any large piece of furniture, moving your appliances can be particularly difficult. When moving these items you have to take into consideration the space thetruck transporting furniture appliances take up, the weight of the objects, and any potential for damage. One of the key considerations you need to make prior to moving your appliances is the right type of truck to rent or use. A number of different rental options are available, but each vehicle offers specific benefits for moving as well as protection for your valuable appliances.

Best Truck Rental Options

1. Box Truck – A box truck is an effective option for moving 2 or 3 appliances depending on the size of your appliances. This type of truck typically features a cuboid-shaped cargo hold that is ideal for situating a few appliances...

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5 reasons why you absolutely need a car if you live in Toronto

Toronto traffic jam

If you live in Toronto or are planning to move there, you may be wondering if you really need a car. There are several important reasons why you should plan on getting your own car if you are going to be living in this city.

Toronto traffic jam

1. Toronto is a Large, Spread Out City

A large city like Toronto contains many different neighborhoods. It’s quite spread out, which can make it extremely limiting if you have to walk or depend on taxis or public transportation. A car allows you to get all over the city so you aren’t restricted in any way.

2. A Car Allows You to Live Where You Want

If you live in Toronto and don’t have a car, you have to be very selective about where you live. You will have to choose a neighborhood that’s extremely walkable. This often means higher rents or home prices...

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Tips To Help You Sell Your Car Quickly

used cars toronto

Your old car could be worth thousands of dollars. However, you will only see that money if someone agrees to buy your car. What are some good tips that you can use to sell your car quickly?

1) List It Online

Listing your car online enables you to market your car to a larger pool of potential buyers. Interested buyers can contact you through email or give you a call to set up an appointment to test drive if they want to know more about the car.

Sell your used car easily

2) Put A For Sale Sign On The Car

Putting a for sale sign on your car lets people know that it is available for purchase. If you can park it in a parking lot or any other place that gets a lot of traffic, you increase the odds of selling your car quickly...

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Informations sur la mercedes: au-delà des clichés

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S’il est une marque automobile qui fait rêver dans le monde entier, c’est bien Mercedes. Le design, les courbes, les performances routières et la fiabilité des modèles de la marque de Stuttgart lui valent une réputation des plus flatteuses aux 4 coins du monde. Mais Mercedes possède aussi ses détracteurs, qui alimentent certains clichés qui ont la peau dure. Pour connaître réellement la marque aux chevrons, dont on peut trouver les modèles chez le concessionnaire Mercedes Brossard, voici un tour d’horizon des clichés qui sont le plus souvent véhiculés sur elle.

Mercedes-Benz SLS

L’histoire de Mercedes

Mercedes Benz a vu le jour en 1926. La marque a été fondée par 2 allemands, Karl Benz et Gottlieb Daimler...

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How to Travel to Ottawa and What to Do While on Your Trip

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Taking a trip to Ottawa can be fun and exciting. There are many great activities to take part in and wonderful must-see attractions. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Ottawa, you likely have questions on how to get there and what you should do once you arrive. Take a look at the following information to learn more about what to do in Ottawa.

Travel to Canada by Train

When planning your adventure, you will need to decide how you will get to Ottawa. Luckily, there are many options. How you travel will depend where you live. For example, if you’re traveling throughout Canada, you can take a train. This can be an affordable option that offers great sights. If you’re traveling from a further distance, you may choose to take an airplane...

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Plan a wedding road trip for less

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Today, more and more couples are realizing they don’t need a big song and dance at a huge, formal ceremony and reception in order to have a marriage that starts on the right foot. Road trip weddings and honeymoons are a growing trend since they are easy to tailor to each individual couple’s needs and desires. When it comes to planning and execution, they can also come at an incredible savings when compared to traditional ceremonies.


There’s nothing like hitting the open road with the one you love and a select group of close friends or relatives with whom you want to share the big day. This is especially true when you all have plenty of space to spread out and the destination is a great one.

When you and the love of your life start ...

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Test du BMW X3

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Le nouveau BMW X3

7 ans après la sortie de la première version de son SUV urbain, le X3, BMW tente de donner un coup de fouet à l’un de ses modèles phares en le remodelant. Dès sa sortie, le X3 fut une immense réussite. Sa taille, ses formes, ses performances et son design ont influencé toute une génération de véhicules. Cependant, si BMW menait largement le marché aux débuts du X3, la concurrence est rapidement devenue féroce : Volvo XC60, VW Touareg, Audi Q5, etc.. C’est pourquoi une nouvelle version du X3 devenait indispensable.


A première vue, le design du X3 a suffit un véritable lifting. Le parti pris de la marque munichoise était clairement de moderniser son véhicule sans en perdre les racines...

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Les voitures préférées des consommateurs en 2013

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Quelles sont les voitures préférées des consommateurs en 2013 ?

A première vue, 2013 ne s’annonçait pas comme une année pleine de promesses pour le marché automobile mondial. Si l’on s’attend à une nouvelle expansion des marchés chinois et asiatiques, les autres pays du globe, et notamment l’Europe et l’Amérique du Nord, semblent être voués à voir les ventes de voitures baisser fortement sur leur territoire, une fois de plus...

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